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100th view!

Hello again dear readers,

I’m just so happy! We’ve reached the 100th view today!

Thank you everyone! If I’ve managed to reach this point, it’s thanks to you! (And yeah, I’m sorry for this useless post, but I just wanted to share my happiness about it)

I hope I’ll get this blog to develop further and further! Actually, I’m working on many articles on my side when I find time… I hope you’ll get to see it!

And do not forget to spread the word about this place! Thank you again!

Escape rooms

Hello fellow readers,

Today I wanted to tell you about one of my favourite web brainteasers. Of course, these who know me (but I’d rather say, these who have read the post’s title) have already guessed it… Escape rooms.

First of it all, what is an Escape room? Basically… You’re in your room. You want to go out, just to go shopping. So you come in front of your door, try to open it, and… nothing happens. Strange thing, you don’t remember having locked the door… And what’s this strange lock? Now you look around more closely trying to find the key, and… hey wait, this is not your room! And here starts the whole adventure.

Hey wait, I can’t go out! (Screenie from Lilina’s escape)

Escape rooms are click-and-play games, where 2 skills are of uttermost importance:

  • Logic : finding your way out is mostly about finding which item can be used on what, and solving small puzzles to gain access to something new. Most of the time, you’ll have to think out of the box to figure things out. For instance, I’ve already used a screwdriver as a mean to reach items behind a grille ! (And yeah, the screwdriver is a typical Escape room item).
  • Observation : you’ll have to find items all around the room. Some are very well hidden, so look everywhere!

How is it like to play one? Well, you should try it by yourself. In my opinion, this one (named Loom Above) is the best for starters. For the lazy ones, try this one [the easiest here].

As you’ll get better with them… You should try my favourite ones :

  • Loom Dawn: In this one, you will have to light your way… litterally. It is so poetic!
  • Kalaquli: this one is japan-themed, and very pretty too.
  • Lilina’s escape : Here’s a character from the Final Fantasy series locked in her room! (I don’t know this one though, must be another weird subspecies) Anyhow, this game is cute, and has very nice graphics too.

Kalaquli. As nippon as you like.

If you like challenge… you have the next level here!

Here… Good luck for this one!

Of course, there are many, many more other rooms available on the web… So if you want more, here is the compulsory stop for any Escape room lover… Lambda blog! They always find decent escape rooms, although they have a lot of other minigames as well. And yeah, I know, it’s a french website… but they are really good. Besides, you’re there for the rooms, right?

Hope you’ll enjoy these brainteasers as much as I do!