Fishing some new slices of life…

As a hobby, I defuse bombs.

Hello smart followers,

Today I shall tell you about a website I like a lot, Kaitai Dismantlement, or rather, about their Game dismantlement series.

So what’s the point of these games? Basically, you have nothing but a screwdriver, and you have to defuse a bomb. Each bomb is hidden inside a common object, would it be a computer mouse, a fan, or a smartphone, for instance.

Yes, this is a bomb.

If it were that easy, it wouldn’t be fun though. Most screws are hidden, and can only be revealed if you solve some kind of puzzles. Most of the time, these consist of a number/letter combination you have to find with some clues. And honestly, these clues can often be hard to guess. You have to look at every detail/letter/colour/number/logo/etc. on the item and try to think of all its possible meanings. Some of them are actually very tricky!

When you have found the bomb, a little race against the clock starts. You have 5:00 min, nothing more, to defuse the bomb, or it’ll explose at your face. And if you do a mere error while solving the usual riddle, it’ll blow at your face too ! So you have to stay calm and to think twice before doing anything on it.

The feared sight : the bomb…

The fight has started!

Solved ! NB : the solution is hidden… I don’t spoil.

Enough talked, though… Let’s play ! The easiest ones I know are the smartphone and the barber’s pole. Then, if you want more fun, try this watch, burger, radio, or hard disk drive.

Still wanting some fun ? Then try the hardest so far, the mouse, the fan or the toaster !

My favourite so far is the japanese tea canister. Hope you’ll like it, I think it’s really the funnest one!

I hope this will make you want to play them, or at least to enjoy it a bit !


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