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Lacking ideas?

Hi serious and desperate readers!

Ideas are this world’s main driving force (along with data and demagogy, but I guess this will be for another post). However, it’s never good to run out of these in this world… What to do when you are out of ideas?

Well, I’ve been thinking of this lately, and I “analyzed” (well, this is purely subjective, but it could still be interesting) what were the conditions that had to be met so that I could get ideas fast. Here’s the result of this analysis.

  • Be happy. Otherwise your mind will just keep bumping into your trouble, and you won’t be able to think of anything else.
  • If you’re too tired, take a break. If you don’t, you will just keep thinking about your main idea, and won’t discover anything.
  • Don’t focus and let your mind wander. That’s the best way to have totally unexpected ideas and to think out-of-the-box.
  • Try focusing on something else while trying to find. Preferably something that you think is incredibly boring. If you do so, your mind will wander by itself, and ideas will appear.
  • Explore all the possibilities, including the weirdest ones.
  • Don’t sleep enough. Sleeping enough makes you think too rationally, and therefore limits your flow of ideas. Also, it makes you focus, and therefore make you lose the whole randomness of them. I get a lot of ideas with around 5~6 hours of sleep, at times when I’m tired (either from 2 to 4 pm, or after 1:30 am).
  • Coffee, or at least Caffeine (Coca Cola light/zero or strong tea are efficient too). Otherwise you’ll just fall asleep.
  • Explain what you’re working on to non-knowing people. If you do so, it’ll naturally become organized in your mind, and you might uncover some immediate/logical stuff you’ve overlooked first.

I hope it’ll be useful for you, and that I’ll have some feedback/suggestions to improve the list !

NB : If you still haven’t found anything… expect some great help from me in the incoming months (I think you have no idea how big this help will be).

PS : I put a lot of anime pictures in this post, because I liked them while surfing randomly.


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