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G&NTFG : Exit

Hullo witty gamers!

Today, I shall tell you about a game I like pretty much. Again, it’s on PSP (one of my favourite consoles, and yeah, I know I’m biased about games on it), and the game is called Exit.

Exit is a nice and not-so-well-known game developped by Taito and edited by Ubisoft.  It has been released in december 2005 in Japan and 3 months later elsewhere. So far, a sequel named Exit 2 has been released, but I haven’t tried it (both versions of the game seemed too similar).

In this game, you have to save people from different kinds of natural (or human-made) disasters, would they be floods, fire, earthquakes or anything else. To achieve this goal, you have to explore the whole level (which is usually composed of some floors of a building), find the victims, and guide them to the building’s exit (hence the game’s title).

As for gameplay, it is a platform game… but not really actually. The game itself is very special. The escaper’s movements (this scarf-wearing running guy that you control) are slow and sluggish, but the game doesn’t focus on that. Don’t expect a Super-Mario-like opus, it’s not.

Don’t even try, you can’t jump over these flames.

However… as you find people stuck in the building, you can order them around. Almost everyone can use items normally; some can go to places you can’t reach, others are stronger than you are, but most of them are mere people who are stuck in the building with you and just want to get out of here sound and safe.

You will have to help many different persons.

And that’s the hardest part. Because it would just be too easy if the exit were right in front of you ! So… you have to use weight-limited lifts, bring back the impaired, and find your way through flames, collapsed walls and other dangers to be the hero of the day. And… it might not sound like it, but some places really demand in-depth thinking. An example ? Well, look at this :

As for the graphics, they have their special style, you like it or you don’t. It’s really designed like an american comic, and actually the city and people really make me think of New York. The music is not that bad, although some might not like it; it really suits the emergency situations you’ll have to face.

Yup, definitely a whole New York feeling.

Coffee obsession, the american way.

I hope you’ll get to know this game more than I described it to you! If you don’t, here’s the game introduction.


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