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MHFU : Sword & Shield, a handy tool weapon

Hello fellow hunters!

So, you’ll have certainly noticed… the Sword & Shield weapons are quite weak ones. However, lately, as monsters got stronger and stronger, I started to wonder if these arms are really that bad… and to be honest, I was quite surprised by their efficiency (10 min for a Daimyo Hermitaur +) ! So why don’t you give it a peek? Why, you ask? Well, here are some reasons :

  • Strongly elemental : That’s the main reason you should do it. Swords’ elemental damage is quite strong, and that’s even more true with one of my favourite ones… poison. [This weapon, or this one] are pretty good at poisonning enemies, and I guess you know as well as I do how useful this element is against monsters… Not only inflicting damage over time to them, it also weakens them quite a lot, and particularly elder dragons! Be careful of their pretty low sharpness though…

Such a delightful sight for a hunter…

  • Shield : That’s a good way to drastically lower damage when you can’t avoid it! It’s pretty valuable, particularly against fast monsters, where a last-resort shield is always an advantage. However, you’d better try dodging when you can, because you still take some damage after guarding.
  • Use of items with weapon readied : That’s also a pretty nice advantage when are running out of life/stamina/when you are poisonned/if you want to sharpen your weapon/etc. Always nice when you wanna heal in a pinch!

You can eat with your weapons ready… amazingly useful !

  • Speed : You run while wielding these weapons, making them pretty nice to dodge. Attacks are fast and easily chainable. Dodges are very useful too.

To sum up, SNS are good weapons when you have to face something really weak against an element, or when you can’t hit it much, so you need to poison it for damage over time. Besides, they easy to master and are, compared to other weapons, incredibly handy. Try them!

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