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Dropbox : share your files!

Hiya !

So… you want to have your files everywhere ? to share some music or pictures with someone else ? To always have your work under hand ? Then you may want to try Dropbox.

Dropbox is a nice application that allows you to share folders and files with people/computers. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. It perfectly integrates into your file explorer, and you just have to install the client on it.

Dropbox under linux. As you can see, it’s entirely integrated into the file explorer.

Of course, you can choose who you can share your folders with (all your folders and files are normally private, but you can share them with friends). The files are then synchronized between the two computers (I guess they are saved on the server), and both of you can upload files to each other as if it happened instantly !

Finally, I think Dropbox can have a wide range of uses : from using it as a personnal USB key to sharing stuff with people, it could be plain useful ! So get it !

Little update about Dropbox : be careful, don’t put personal stuff such as your own artwork or music on it… they got a new line in their contract, so that they own anything you deposit there ! You have been warned !













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