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Hiren’s BootCD : rescue your system in emergency cases!

Hello geek-ish friends !

I’ve been trying to run my own server lately, to serve my Fyrtorn project (it’s not dead btw, far from it… I’m just having some trouble with it, thanks to Mr. Murphy)… And I happened to run into some hard disk drive trouble. Thankfully, I rediscovered the power of the famous Hiren’s BootCD, a multi-purpose tool I would like to tell you about.

Hiren’s BootCD is a very nice bootable CD (roughly, it starts when you switch your computer on). It has many useful computer-emergency tools that can save your OS and data. It’s particularly handy when you have to deal with corrupted HDDs : you can use it not only to retrieve data from lost partitions, but also to repair a HDD, to remove bad blocks, to manage partitions or even to perform a low-level format on it ! (the last emergency procedure to save a HDD, it tries to totally erase data on each sector of it and doesn’t only delete partitions)

It’s not the only things this bootable CD can do though : if you are having trouble with ferocious viruses, with your internet connection, your filesystem or even if you have lost your password, it will provide you some help !

To conclude, it’s definitely a very nice CD that could make your life significantly easier if you have it under hand. Get it !


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