Fishing some new slices of life…

Blue Lacuna : let your imagination lead you to another world…

Hello fellow readers,

I’m still surprised my blog has as many visitors. I wonder why, since I haven’t made a post for 3 months… But do not worry, for I am not dead (I wouldn’t be writing this article now otherwise, right?). I just had quite a lot to deal with work which was becoming pretty intense, as well as some odd… events happening in real life (although not exactly, but here is not the place to talk about this).

As for now, I would like to make you discover a new game I found earlier rotting on my hard disk drive : Blue Lacuna.

This is the story of a Wayfarer, a person able to travel through dimensions. However, Wayfarers cannot control neither when, nor where they travel. In this game, you have to answer a Call, which is basically an inner feeling that another Wayfarer in a different dimension needs help. Yet, as you arrive in this new world, mysterious events start to unfold…

You can discover this story here. Hope you’ll enjoy it !

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