Fishing some new slices of life…

About me


I am just another french guy, who randomly decided to write a blog about his miscellaneous topics of interest. I felt like I had some bits of my life and little experience to share with people. As I said in my very first post, I am pretty interested in multiple topics :

  • Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
  • Specific PSP news
  • Old and fun games
  • Philosophy
  • Drawing and Art in general
  • Programming

If you’re a MHFU hunter too… Well, I’m a HR5 Gunlance/Hunting Horn user; I’m barely on xlink-kai (you know as much as I do how useful it is to go there for a non-japanese-speaking HR5 guy…), but I can go there if you want! Here are my characters :

Game Character ID Hunter Rank Weapons
MHFU Pherro 5 Gunlance, Hunting Horn
MH Tri Pherro Q1AWQA 18 Lance, Switch Axe

For more information, or for any constructive comment/suggestion, or even for some random chat, feel free to contact me! Be careful though, because I tend to spam a lot while chatting…

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