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Hello dear readers,

Today… I just wanted to show you this gorgeous and very moving flash a friend gave me.


Kino no Tabi (Kino’s journey)

Hiya anime-hungry readers,

Today I shall tell you about an anime that too few people know in my opinion : Kino no Tabi (Kino’s journey).

A girl named Kino is travelling through various countries, with her friendly talking motorcycle, Hermes. She has a rule she strictly observes : she never stays in a country for more than 3 days, whatever happens there. This way, she can keep her free life of wanderer without having to cope with local trouble.

Music is good, although there’s nothing extraordinary with it, and the anime’s artwork puts the emphasis on beautiful and miscellaneous landscapes, just as a random traveller would see them. However, this is not the main thing you’ll notice if you watch the anime.

I guess the intro is the best way to see the anime’s feeling.

Soon after the first episode, you’ll quickly figure out that… each country has very strange and unique customs. For instance, you’ll find robot-populated cities, “perfect” places, countries full of mute people… Each of these isn’t very realistic (but that’s not really what you’re expecting from this anime anyhow), but is rather pretty idealized, so that it could correspond to some human ideal. Actually, each country has its own story, and each episode can be seen as a kind of parable about Life. The very goal of the anime is to make you think of various questions you wouldn’t even have thought of otherwise… and I think it’s a good, entertaining and enjoyful introduction to Philosophy as a way to think about stuff…
Kant said : You don’t learn philosophy, you learn how to philosophize. And this anime is a very-well-realized tutorial for it.


Hello occasional followers!

Today, I shall tell you about an anime I discovered some years ago, called Mushishi.

In this world, the world is filled by little, insect-like, eerie elemental entities called Mushi. Several subspecies of Mushi exist, and each of them has a special way to interact with reality : some give life to dreams, others strongly affect your senses… However, because of their nature and properties, such organisms often create trouble with humans. And that’s why Ginko, a Mushi-shi (litterally master of Mushi), exists : to solve such problems.

As for the anime itself… ┬áIt is a masterpiece. The graphics are really nice, and there are some pretty special effects, and the music is quite good too… but both work together to provide you the best anime experience you could get. Honestly, I feel like each episode is like a dream; and after each of them, my brother feels like he’s been watching a film! The story is cute, quite peaceful and calm, but still interesting. The whole atmosphere is very natural : our Mushi-shi’s adventures make him wander through the rural side of Japan, and landscapes there are as miscellaneous as they are gorgeous: from snow-covered mountains to deep, ancient and mysterious forests… And as you watch more and more episodes you’ll be interested in these eerie little beings that Mushi are : each species has scarily wonderful powers, and humans who live near are always more or less affected…

So… would you be an occasionnal dreamer, I really advise you to watch this anime. Trust me, you won’t waste your time, and you’ll want more after you have watched the first episode.
And if you’re not yet convinced, I hope the opening will make you do the first move!

Out of animes to watch? Try out that!

Hello dear readers!

This post will be short but focused on efficiency! You’ll thank me afterwards.

So… You’re bored? You want to watch an anime, but you don’t know which one? You need to watch a good anime you’ll remember?

Well, a friend gave me this wonderful picture. All the animes from it I’ve seen are great, really! So give it a try!

Another lost comic : Copper


So today, I’m going to tell you a bit about a webcomic I discovered some years ago. It’s quite different from all the other ones you might know, though, since it’s not updated much…

This is about a boy, Copper, and his dog, Fred, who experience various adventures in various brightly-coloured, gorgeous worlds. The atmosphere is really wonderful : colours are everywhere, it’s very well drawn and you quickly get absorbed by the whole universe. The characters are nice, and are original enough for you to get to like them. As for the story…

The story is what makes Copper different from any other comic. Here, there’s no monster to kill/bad guy to defeat/romantic love story to follow… Every comic strip is individual, so you can read any of these in any order, it doesn’t matter that much. However… Each one is some kind of little life lesson. There is always something to learn and remember, and the wonderful way it is presented makes it even easier. No complicated plot at all, but instead amazing places full of poetry and dreams…

The comic isn’t perfect, though. It really lacks updates, so once you’re done with all the released comics, you can get ready to wait for a while before having to check again. But considering the amount of work behind each strip and its gorgeous results, I think it is easily forgivable…

Finally, despite its scarce updates, Copper is definitely a nice webcomic to check, not only for philosophers, but also for experienced web drifters questing for a some quiet place to space out…

Enter the world of Copper, and get ready for some enjoyable webdreaming !

PS : the author has also made some other nice pieces of artwork… You should have a glance at his place.