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MHFU : Sword & Shield, a handy tool weapon

Hello fellow hunters!

So, you’ll have certainly noticed… the Sword & Shield weapons are quite weak ones. However, lately, as monsters got stronger and stronger, I started to wonder if these arms are really that bad… and to be honest, I was quite surprised by their efficiency (10 min for a Daimyo Hermitaur +) ! So why don’t you give it a peek? Why, you ask? Well, here are some reasons :

  • Strongly elemental : That’s the main reason you should do it. Swords’ elemental damage is quite strong, and that’s even more true with one of my favourite ones… poison. [This weapon, or this one] are pretty good at poisonning enemies, and I guess you know as well as I do how useful this element is against monsters… Not only inflicting damage over time to them, it also weakens them quite a lot, and particularly elder dragons! Be careful of their pretty low sharpness though…

Such a delightful sight for a hunter…

  • Shield : That’s a good way to drastically lower damage when you can’t avoid it! It’s pretty valuable, particularly against fast monsters, where a last-resort shield is always an advantage. However, you’d better try dodging when you can, because you still take some damage after guarding.
  • Use of items with weapon readied : That’s also a pretty nice advantage when are running out of life/stamina/when you are poisonned/if you want to sharpen your weapon/etc. Always nice when you wanna heal in a pinch!

You can eat with your weapons ready… amazingly useful !

  • Speed : You run while wielding these weapons, making them pretty nice to dodge. Attacks are fast and easily chainable. Dodges are very useful too.

To sum up, SNS are good weapons when you have to face something really weak against an element, or when you can’t hit it much, so you need to poison it for damage over time. Besides, they easy to master and are, compared to other weapons, incredibly handy. Try them!


MHFU : Hunting horns, buff’n’smash

Dear hunters,

Today we will discuss about the Hunting Horn, my preferred alternate weapon.

Honestly… I don’t understand why people don’t like it that much. In my opinion, it’s quite a cheated weapon! Why should you use it, you ask?

  • Recital: Probably the first reason you should get familiar with a Hunting Horn. They have a wide range of abilities, including not only basic attack & defence buffs, but also good heals (the best HH can entirely heal you in less than 20s), elemental/dragon defence buffs, instant tracking of Wyverns, protection against cold/heat, roars, quakes, paralysis or elder dragon winds… You can always find the Hunting Horn that suits the monster. However, be warned: Recital buffs take really long to execute, so you’d better avoid using it just in front of your prey… One thing that worths being noticed though: if you hit an enemy while playing a recital, you’ll damage it more than with a normal attack…

Some amazing buffs among others.

  • High Raw power: As a hammer class weapon, HH’s raw attack is pretty high! Beware though, I’ve heard that only a little fraction of this raw power is used while dealing damage… Therefore, I wouldn’t choose these weapons just because of that.
  • Attacks faster than the hammer: I have the feeling that most people believe Hammer class weapons to be slow. This is not true for Hunting Horn weapons. Maybe that’s just an opinion, but I would put HH’s attack speed at the same level as LongSword’s. Honestly, just try it and you’ll see! The cooldown time (time after each attack) is significantly lower than Hammers’, and it can be reduced even further if you dodge just after an attack. Besides, you can chain attacks very well with it, and stop attacking anytime using a simple dodge.
  • Keeps the ability to run with high attack power: That’s the best part of Hammer class weapons: being able to deal nice damage with big speed. Well, Hunting Horns take this a level beyond! Effectively, each of them has a speed-increasing ability which allows the user to run faster. I cannot stress enough how great this buff is, honestly! For some enemies, I was so fast that I didn’t even need to dodge once because of it! I would say this is one of the most important reasons I chose this weapon.

  • Pretty good range: Compared to the hammer, the HH has a really better range. I would say it’s comparable to a LongSword. I’ve even been able to hit powder barrels without being blown away by their explosion!
  • Stun ability: As a Hammer class weapon, HH can stun. I wouldn’t say this is that great of an ability by itself, since you always have to be right in front of the monster to be able to stun it, but this is quite possible for monsters like Rathalos/Rathian/Plesioth/Cephadrome, who shoot straight in front of them, and therefore leave a huge opening on their head if you manage to avoid their attacks… but it’s always a good surprise to see one of them stunned during a battle.

So… to sum up, the Hunting Horn is great for 2 things: the speed at which you can use it – dodging becomes more and more valuable as you progress in your hunting – and the Recital ability. When you add to that its nice range and attack power, it almost sounds like a perfect weapon! I hope you’ll enjoy using it!

MHFU : the Gunlance path

Hello fellow hunters!

Today, I’ll talk about my favourite weapon, the Gunlance. Pretty exotic weapon, eh?

First, why a Gunlance? The answer is pretty simple, it’s because the first time I saw this weapon, I found it so awesome, I just had to use it! I must say it’s not such an easy weapon to use, though…

One of my very first gunlances.

How to use a Gunlance? Most hunters will say “Just like a Lance, of course!”. Well, this is partly true. At least for its very basic commands and battle technics. Just guard as much as you can, and as soon as you notice an opening, take advantage of it. That’s for basic stuff.

On a more technical side, it’s quite different though. Different reasons for that :

  • Shelling. It’s prolly the main difference with the classic Lance. First, it can pass any monster’s defence, so it’s really handy against monsters like Basarios/Gravios and such. Also, it has a better hitting range, which can be pretty valuable against charging monsters, like Rathian or Basarios (you know, always being out of range when they have finished charging, you know how annoying this can be, right?).
  • Wyvern Fire. Basically a stronger version of Shelling. Only use it when you’re sure to have 4s to charge the shot, or you’ll prolly get a bad surprise (and you know how bad are bad surprises in MHFU) For instance, a good timing to start chaging it would be when a monster is roaring, or when it’s being distracted. If you’re very good, you could check charge it just after having dodged a wyvern’s breathing attack, ironically (it works pretty well on Gravios after having dodged his energy ray). It also takes 2 min to recharge, so watch your timing.

  • The forward thrust. Don’t be fooled, this is an escape move. It has sufficient speed to make you able to escape a breathing/charge attack. It’s quite a nice advantage compared to the Lance, since you can virtually dodge an attack going to any direction. This is a life-saving move, so don’t be scared to abuse it!

  • Side steps. Be careful, you can only make 1 side step, instead of 2 with the traditionnal lance.
  • Upwards shelling. After an upwards thrust, you can shoot some shelling ammo to the sky, or to some higher-located enemy (flying Rathian/Rathalos? Lao Shan Lung/Shen Gaoren?). Pretty nice to reach unreacheable foes.

I hope this convinced you! Merry hunting with your new weapon!