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Flash news! 2nd edition : Shadows & Coma

Hello dear readers,

I just wanted to apologize for the recent lack of posts… I’m working pretty hard on Fyrtorn lately. There’s little time left, so I should finish it fast, and the deadline is getting closer and closer… I’m at something like 35% of it now, so it’s progressing, but there’s still a lot to be done. I just hope you’ll understand I’m doing my best. But don’t worry, you shall get the fruits of my effort soon !

As for the flash news… 2 points here :

  • Shadow : a nice and not-that-hard escape room. I enjoyed it pretty well, the riddles are complex and still give you some challenge, without getting you stuck very hard either. It takes 1 or 2 hours to finish it.
  • Coma : a cute, dark and poetic flash game. The universe is so special… Trust me, you’ll quickly fall in this captivating story, with a wonderfully-rendered atmosphere by both amazing graphics and sounds.
Enjoy !

G&NTFG : This is the only level

Hello dear readers,

Today I’m going to tell you about a time-wasting flash game I discovered some time ago : This is the only level : Adventures in singularity.

In the first level, you’ll just face a normal, standard platform game (although the star character is an elephant, which is pretty unusual). Nevertheless, everything starts with level 2.

The aim of the game is to find a way to reach the exit. And the whole originality lies in that : how you can solve the game. Your arrow keys and your space bar won’t be enough to beat it, every level is a challenge by itself, so get ready to use your brain to figure out what the solution of each puzzle is !

This is the only level of this game. Controls will change with every attempt though. You’ll know it perfectly !

Well, as it is a little game, there’s not much to add there… except where to find the game.

Have fun !

1000 words…

Hello dear readers,

Today… I just wanted to show you this gorgeous and very moving flash a friend gave me.


Hello readers,

Are you bored with your friends? Are you tired to keep playing the same MSN games, if you ever do that? Well then, lemme tell you about OMGPOP, the most social flash game I’ve ever seen.

First of all, for you gamers… If you’re looking for some loong grinding time, or another way to enjoy quests with friends in a nice MMO… well, this is not for you.

For all the others, OMGPOP is a communautary website based on short and simple flash games. No complex and smart games here that leave you totally puzzled, the website’s purpose is mainly conviviality and fun, so the rules are simple and entertaining. You can invite up to 7 friends here, and fun starts right now! Besides, as it is a community by itself, you can meet nice people there too.

And the games themselves are classic ones. Expect a version of the Pictionary, a word-finding game, a mario-kart-like one, or something like Uno, among many others.

Here’s a example of minigames available there. And it’s only a small bit of them all!

You can invite up to 7 people to play with you.

The graphics are nice enough to focus on playing, and you can customize some elements if you create an account there for free.

Tempted? Try it here!

As a hobby, I defuse bombs.

Hello smart followers,

Today I shall tell you about a website I like a lot, Kaitai Dismantlement, or rather, about their Game dismantlement series.

So what’s the point of these games? Basically, you have nothing but a screwdriver, and you have to defuse a bomb. Each bomb is hidden inside a common object, would it be a computer mouse, a fan, or a smartphone, for instance.

Yes, this is a bomb.

If it were that easy, it wouldn’t be fun though. Most screws are hidden, and can only be revealed if you solve some kind of puzzles. Most of the time, these consist of a number/letter combination you have to find with some clues. And honestly, these clues can often be hard to guess. You have to look at every detail/letter/colour/number/logo/etc. on the item and try to think of all its possible meanings. Some of them are actually very tricky!

When you have found the bomb, a little race against the clock starts. You have 5:00 min, nothing more, to defuse the bomb, or it’ll explose at your face. And if you do a mere error while solving the usual riddle, it’ll blow at your face too ! So you have to stay calm and to think twice before doing anything on it.

The feared sight : the bomb…

The fight has started!

Solved ! NB : the solution is hidden… I don’t spoil.

Enough talked, though… Let’s play ! The easiest ones I know are the smartphone and the barber’s pole. Then, if you want more fun, try this watch, burgerradio, or hard disk drive.

Still wanting some fun ? Then try the hardest so far, the mouse, the fan or the toaster !

My favourite so far is the japanese tea canister. Hope you’ll like it, I think it’s really the funnest one!

I hope this will make you want to play them, or at least to enjoy it a bit !

G&NTFG : Grow games

Hello fellow readers!

Lately I’ve solved for the first time a Grow game, and it made me quite happy, because these are pretty hard. So I wanted to share that on my blog, as well as take this opportunity to show you these games that you may not know. So what is a Grow game?

The original Grow game.

Grow games are a type of very special flash games. You have a goal to reach, which can vary a lot according to which flavor you’re playing, ranging from helping little guys tapping their environment, to waking up a heavy sleeper (in a very unorthodox way). To achieve this purpose, you can interact with your surroundings by clicking on several buttons (usually 7 or 8), each one triggering a different action.

Wake up this guy!

Actions usually make evolve an element of your environment. As it gets more sophisticated, it gains levels, and to achieve your goal, you have to make each part reach its maximum level. And the most significant thing to keep in mind while playing a Grow game is that some actions need some others to be done before, otherwise they won’t have any effect, or won’t be really beneficial for part you need to improve. Let me explain : for instance, you have to kill a ferocious dragon that wreaks havoc during nighttime. However, you can only make appear a hero that’s not good enough to slay it. Therefore, you have to help him a bit, and make him appear only after you have used another button that summons daytime, so that this hero can kill the beast while it’s asleep.

Something has been created, the corresponding field gains one level.

Final levels at the end of a party!

The whole challenge of the game is to do the right action at the right time. In other words, you have to do things without any mistake and to find the perfect sequence in order to achieve your goal.

Well… I don’t think I could describe these games any further. The best way to know more about them is to try these! Neophytes, you should start with the first grow versions here (Grow original version), or here (Grow Cube). I also liked this version which can be really surprising, and this Grow Cannon which made me write this article. For RPG fans, try this Grow RPG, and if you like technology, try this one.

I hope you’ll have some fun with these!