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Touhou M-1 Grand Prix !


Before I start talking about Touhou, I’d like to tell you that my website finally looks like something ! So please keep an eye on it, because it’ll grow bigger and bigger !

Touhou isn’t only about these shoot-em-up games. This world gets bigger and bigger as the community revolving around it slowly grows… So this time, I’ll tell you about Touhou M-1 Grand Prix.

Touhou M-1 Grand Prix is a series of Touhou animations featuring an imaginary Manzai contest in Gensokyo. What is a Manzai ? Wikipedia says this :

Manzai (漫才?) is a traditional style of stand-up comedy in Japanese culture, which usually involves two performers (manzaishi) —a straight man(tsukkomi) and a funny man (boke)—trading jokes at great speed. Most of the jokes revolve around mutual misunderstandings, double-talk, puns and other verbal gags.

So… You have guessed it, it’s a series of funny Touhou-related videos, where a pair of girls try to make the audience laughs. They even invented grades and a notation system for it !

As far as I know, 5 different contests have occurred so far, as the video got released during each year’s Reisaitai (a giant japanese anime convention). Translations are very incomplete though, so a lot of stand-ups are not available in english…

Here are my favourite ones :

  • Yuyuko & Youmu. Yuyuko is just such a unique character, making this pair pretty good at Manzai !
  • Myourensen. Byakuren loves mice !
  • Spin Kappa. Hina is trying to scold someone !
  • Shutter girls. Try your knowledge of Gensokyo… or not.
  • Satori & Koishi. The video is awesome at its end !
  • Koishi & Okuu. Koishi’s randomness makes her pretty good as a manzai character as well !
  • And of course Touhou’s heros, Reimu and Marisa.
Hope you’ll laugh as much as I do !

Found a new fishing spot!

By the way, I don’t know if you’ve noticed… but today, a new page, called Internet treasuresappeared on my blog !

Obama has noticed it, he’s pointing at the link on my page !

I felt like I should keep this page there, so that I could fill it up as I find more interesting stuff. I hope you’ll like it ! (although atm it’s mostly full of these endless loops, so you prolly be a bit scared… but I can’t wait to complete it!)


Hello readers,

Are you bored with your friends? Are you tired to keep playing the same MSN games, if you ever do that? Well then, lemme tell you about OMGPOP, the most social flash game I’ve ever seen.

First of all, for you gamers… If you’re looking for some loong grinding time, or another way to enjoy quests with friends in a nice MMO… well, this is not for you.

For all the others, OMGPOP is a communautary website based on short and simple flash games. No complex and smart games here that leave you totally puzzled, the website’s purpose is mainly conviviality and fun, so the rules are simple and entertaining. You can invite up to 7 friends here, and fun starts right now! Besides, as it is a community by itself, you can meet nice people there too.

And the games themselves are classic ones. Expect a version of the Pictionary, a word-finding game, a mario-kart-like one, or something like Uno, among many others.

Here’s a example of minigames available there. And it’s only a small bit of them all!

You can invite up to 7 people to play with you.

The graphics are nice enough to focus on playing, and you can customize some elements if you create an account there for free.

Tempted? Try it here!

Haruhi Suzumiya’s lesson on life

Hello dear readers…

This post will maybe seem a bit short, but it is something that seemed very important for me to share, and I’d better publish it right now instead of seeing this bit of wisdom disappear forever… A fish is always better cooked fresh.

Today, I discovered this very well known anime that is The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. And, as surprising as it might seem to you, this made me rediscover a pretty important part of life…

Haruhi Suzumiya is a japanese high-school student. Despite her outstanding beauty and her apparently normal look, she is quite an odd person. Obsessed by espers, aliens, and other paranormal beings, she created a school club striving to find all the related cases that happened nearby. However, it happens that not everyone is normal around here…

I haven’t finished the entire series yet… but I must say Haruhi really left her mark on me. Even since the very beginning, her eccentricity has been obvious. And yet, she manages to live with this entirely strange image and reputation without any complex at all. She entirely assumes her behaviour and passion, would it be shocking and against any custom, regardless of what others will think of it, and it is a very admirable quality. And the anime’s opening song is very good at showing it already :

Moreover, her personality really amazed me… She managed to create a club about her own passion. She always finds her own way to do anything she wants (a new religion has even been created to praise that), and never gives up to people’s opinion or to despair. In short, she always bears an incredible determination to reach her goals. Her willpower might be different from what heroes like Luffy from One Piece, but it does exist, and is definitely something strong and awesome with her.

Last but not least, I really find her goal amazing. What does she try to do? She wants to discover all this life’s oddities and inconsistencies. And when you think of it… she just wants to make life less boring and more interesting. She just wants to have fun. And I believe that we have something to learn from that… Fun doesn’t come all by itself in life. You create the conditions to have fun. You have to be active in this conservative life, to strive to make things move, to carry on projects and to plan things, in order to change anything… in short, you have to live your life as an fabulous and passionnate adventure to make it interesting. You are the one who has to take initiatives, and no one else will be able to do this.

To conclude, managing to realize all that only after having watched 5 episodes of this anime really makes me believe that this anime is very good. Watch it! (this is the 2nd episode, the first one is a bit puzzling to be honest.)