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Touhou M-1 Grand Prix !


Before I start talking about Touhou, I’d like to tell you that my website finally looks like something ! So please keep an eye on it, because it’ll grow bigger and bigger !

Touhou isn’t only about these shoot-em-up games. This world gets bigger and bigger as the community revolving around it slowly grows… So this time, I’ll tell you about Touhou M-1 Grand Prix.

Touhou M-1 Grand Prix is a series of Touhou animations featuring an imaginary Manzai contest in Gensokyo. What is a Manzai ? Wikipedia says this :

Manzai (漫才?) is a traditional style of stand-up comedy in Japanese culture, which usually involves two performers (manzaishi) —a straight man(tsukkomi) and a funny man (boke)—trading jokes at great speed. Most of the jokes revolve around mutual misunderstandings, double-talk, puns and other verbal gags.

So… You have guessed it, it’s a series of funny Touhou-related videos, where a pair of girls try to make the audience laughs. They even invented grades and a notation system for it !

As far as I know, 5 different contests have occurred so far, as the video got released during each year’s Reisaitai (a giant japanese anime convention). Translations are very incomplete though, so a lot of stand-ups are not available in english…

Here are my favourite ones :

  • Yuyuko & Youmu. Yuyuko is just such a unique character, making this pair pretty good at Manzai !
  • Myourensen. Byakuren loves mice !
  • Spin Kappa. Hina is trying to scold someone !
  • Shutter girls. Try your knowledge of Gensokyo… or not.
  • Satori & Koishi. The video is awesome at its end !
  • Koishi & Okuu. Koishi’s randomness makes her pretty good as a manzai character as well !
  • And of course Touhou’s heros, Reimu and Marisa.
Hope you’ll laugh as much as I do !

Found a new fishing spot!

By the way, I don’t know if you’ve noticed… but today, a new page, called Internet treasuresappeared on my blog !

Obama has noticed it, he’s pointing at the link on my page !

I felt like I should keep this page there, so that I could fill it up as I find more interesting stuff. I hope you’ll like it ! (although atm it’s mostly full of these endless loops, so you prolly be a bit scared… but I can’t wait to complete it!)