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The Hanafuda Lounge!

Hello everyone !

I have noticed that it is very hard to find hanafuda players over the internet, mostly because they have no real way to interact with each other… Therefore, I created an IRC channel, The Hanafuda lounge, to give them a way to meet so as to play games.

It’s still pretty young, but with some luck (and help from hanafuda players) it will bloom into something magnificent.

  • IRC Server :
  • Port : 6667
  • Room name : #hanafuda

You can open a chat window by clicking here or you can open it from mIRC.

I’ll probably write an article about hanafuda one day or another, but in the meantime you can find the rules of Koi-Koi (the most widespread Hanafuda game) on the Wikipedia article and on this page.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what Hanafuda is, lookit here.

Hope you’ll enjoy this!


Blue Lacuna : let your imagination lead you to another world…

Hello fellow readers,

I’m still surprised my blog has as many visitors. I wonder why, since I haven’t made a post for 3 months… But do not worry, for I am not dead (I wouldn’t be writing this article now otherwise, right?). I just had quite a lot to deal with work which was becoming pretty intense, as well as some odd… events happening in real life (although not exactly, but here is not the place to talk about this).

As for now, I would like to make you discover a new game I found earlier rotting on my hard disk drive : Blue Lacuna.

This is the story of a Wayfarer, a person able to travel through dimensions. However, Wayfarers cannot control neither when, nor where they travel. In this game, you have to answer a Call, which is basically an inner feeling that another Wayfarer in a different dimension needs help. Yet, as you arrive in this new world, mysterious events start to unfold…

You can discover this story here. Hope you’ll enjoy it !

⑨/⑨/11 : Happy Cirno day !

Hello dear friends,

As we’re on September 9th 2011, it’s time to celebrate the 3rd Cirno Day !

People who aren’t familiar with Touhou will probably wonder what this is… So let me explain.

Cirno is an ice fairy who first appeared in Touhou 6 : Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (I will probably make a post about Touhou one day, but not right now). She happened to simply attack the player without any reason as the latter was trying to solve another incident. Even though she is a pretty weak boss, she can still be considered as one of the strongest fairies in Gensokyo.

So far, nothing’s wrong. However, Cirno progressively became known in the Touhou community as a… simple-minded character. And then… ZUN (Touhou’s creator) decided to play his part, too. Here’s what you can see in the manual of Touhou 9 : Phantasmagoria of Flower View :

Yeah. It is written “Baka” in japanese, which can be translated into “idiot”. Since that day, Cirno became the embodiment of Gensokyo’s stupidity. And as a reference to this manual, she is often designated as “Baka” or by this symbol, . It even went as far as this video by IOSYS ! And even ZUN kept playing his part… In Touhou 12.8 : Great Fairy War, Cirno has this not-that-smart behaviour, randomly declaring a war against other fairies !

How silly.

Therefore, it simply became natural that Sept. 9th 2009 (09/09/09, or ⑨/⑨/⑨), which is also the 252th day of this year (and 2 + 5 + 2 = 9) became the very first Cirno Day, celebrated worldwide with a lot of fanwork specially dedicated to the poor fairy. And that’s how ⑨/⑨ became Cirno’s Day, still celebrated by Touhou fans all around the world.

A little example of dedicated fanwork.

As for myself… well, I took a screenshot of the very instant of this day :

I haven’t even cheated !

And as an additionnal gift for reading all this, here’s a nice Cirno comic 🙂

Flash news! 2nd edition : Shadows & Coma

Hello dear readers,

I just wanted to apologize for the recent lack of posts… I’m working pretty hard on Fyrtorn lately. There’s little time left, so I should finish it fast, and the deadline is getting closer and closer… I’m at something like 35% of it now, so it’s progressing, but there’s still a lot to be done. I just hope you’ll understand I’m doing my best. But don’t worry, you shall get the fruits of my effort soon !

As for the flash news… 2 points here :

  • Shadow : a nice and not-that-hard escape room. I enjoyed it pretty well, the riddles are complex and still give you some challenge, without getting you stuck very hard either. It takes 1 or 2 hours to finish it.
  • Coma : a cute, dark and poetic flash game. The universe is so special… Trust me, you’ll quickly fall in this captivating story, with a wonderfully-rendered atmosphere by both amazing graphics and sounds.
Enjoy !

G&NTFG : This is the only level

Hello dear readers,

Today I’m going to tell you about a time-wasting flash game I discovered some time ago : This is the only level : Adventures in singularity.

In the first level, you’ll just face a normal, standard platform game (although the star character is an elephant, which is pretty unusual). Nevertheless, everything starts with level 2.

The aim of the game is to find a way to reach the exit. And the whole originality lies in that : how you can solve the game. Your arrow keys and your space bar won’t be enough to beat it, every level is a challenge by itself, so get ready to use your brain to figure out what the solution of each puzzle is !

This is the only level of this game. Controls will change with every attempt though. You’ll know it perfectly !

Well, as it is a little game, there’s not much to add there… except where to find the game.

Have fun !


Hello readers,

Are you bored with your friends? Are you tired to keep playing the same MSN games, if you ever do that? Well then, lemme tell you about OMGPOP, the most social flash game I’ve ever seen.

First of all, for you gamers… If you’re looking for some loong grinding time, or another way to enjoy quests with friends in a nice MMO… well, this is not for you.

For all the others, OMGPOP is a communautary website based on short and simple flash games. No complex and smart games here that leave you totally puzzled, the website’s purpose is mainly conviviality and fun, so the rules are simple and entertaining. You can invite up to 7 friends here, and fun starts right now! Besides, as it is a community by itself, you can meet nice people there too.

And the games themselves are classic ones. Expect a version of the Pictionary, a word-finding game, a mario-kart-like one, or something like Uno, among many others.

Here’s a example of minigames available there. And it’s only a small bit of them all!

You can invite up to 7 people to play with you.

The graphics are nice enough to focus on playing, and you can customize some elements if you create an account there for free.

Tempted? Try it here!

MHFU : Sword & Shield, a handy tool weapon

Hello fellow hunters!

So, you’ll have certainly noticed… the Sword & Shield weapons are quite weak ones. However, lately, as monsters got stronger and stronger, I started to wonder if these arms are really that bad… and to be honest, I was quite surprised by their efficiency (10 min for a Daimyo Hermitaur +) ! So why don’t you give it a peek? Why, you ask? Well, here are some reasons :

  • Strongly elemental : That’s the main reason you should do it. Swords’ elemental damage is quite strong, and that’s even more true with one of my favourite ones… poison. [This weapon, or this one] are pretty good at poisonning enemies, and I guess you know as well as I do how useful this element is against monsters… Not only inflicting damage over time to them, it also weakens them quite a lot, and particularly elder dragons! Be careful of their pretty low sharpness though…

Such a delightful sight for a hunter…

  • Shield : That’s a good way to drastically lower damage when you can’t avoid it! It’s pretty valuable, particularly against fast monsters, where a last-resort shield is always an advantage. However, you’d better try dodging when you can, because you still take some damage after guarding.
  • Use of items with weapon readied : That’s also a pretty nice advantage when are running out of life/stamina/when you are poisonned/if you want to sharpen your weapon/etc. Always nice when you wanna heal in a pinch!

You can eat with your weapons ready… amazingly useful !

  • Speed : You run while wielding these weapons, making them pretty nice to dodge. Attacks are fast and easily chainable. Dodges are very useful too.

To sum up, SNS are good weapons when you have to face something really weak against an element, or when you can’t hit it much, so you need to poison it for damage over time. Besides, they easy to master and are, compared to other weapons, incredibly handy. Try them!