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Flash news! 1st edition : Guild Wars 2 & Viber phone

Flash news!That’s something new I have invented here. Short and fast posts, just to convey data and to share it! After all, that’s how internet is.

  • The next GuildWars sequel is under development ! Called Guildwars 2, it is very promising. Awesome graphics so far, and nice special effects. A very nice point is that it will happen in a persistant world (like Mankind), so whatever you do will impact the other players as well ! At least, that’s what they say. Just below, you can see a little video that’s explaining it all, and if you’re interested, here’s the website.
Great news!

  • Free calls? Google phone was already announcing it, now there’s Viber phone! Only drawback : only available on the IPhone for now. They’re developping an app for Android, though… Let’s hope it’ll appear soon! Thanks Yoann for the link 🙂
PS : Seems to be a layout glitch with youtube videos and the text directly below. Oh well…