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The Hanafuda Lounge!

Hello everyone !

I have noticed that it is very hard to find hanafuda players over the internet, mostly because they have no real way to interact with each other… Therefore, I created an IRC channel, The Hanafuda lounge, to give them a way to meet so as to play games.

It’s still pretty young, but with some luck (and help from hanafuda players) it will bloom into something magnificent.

  • IRC Server :
  • Port : 6667
  • Room name : #hanafuda

You can open a chat window by clicking here or you can open it from mIRC.

I’ll probably write an article about hanafuda one day or another, but in the meantime you can find the rules of Koi-Koi (the most widespread Hanafuda game) on the Wikipedia article and on this page.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what Hanafuda is, lookit here.

Hope you’ll enjoy this!

Flash news! 5th edition : Gensokyo Radio & Japanese TV

Hello everyone !

I’m sorry if I haven’t been online much lately… my time was taken mostly by Touhou, Osu!, a french forum, and friends from there. They are awesome! 🙂 If you wanna have a chat, they’re located there. They’re mostly speaking french, but some of them know some good english as well, so you could drop by !

Touhou’s wonderful world…

Oh well, back to this edition of Flash news!

  • Gensokyo Radio : I’ll post about Touhou Project soon, but all you need to know here is that it’s a series of danmaku (bullet hell) games that quickly became very popular in Japan. The community that gathered around them became so huge, that fanmade drawings and songs quickly spread around, some of them being really incredible… So… If you want to have a little preview of what Gensokyo (the world of Touhou) became thanks to its enormous fandom, you can try this wonderful radio… but keep in mind that EVERY song playing there is a remix of in-game music.

The prismriver sisters, Touhou’s most famous musical trio ! And they are powerful as well…
  •  wwiTV : I was randomly looking for some japanese TV program, where I found this awesome page ! Try it, it’s very nice !