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Flash news! 2nd edition : Shadows & Coma

Hello dear readers,

I just wanted to apologize for the recent lack of posts… I’m working pretty hard on Fyrtorn lately. There’s little time left, so I should finish it fast, and the deadline is getting closer and closer… I’m at something like 35% of it now, so it’s progressing, but there’s still a lot to be done. I just hope you’ll understand I’m doing my best. But don’t worry, you shall get the fruits of my effort soon !

As for the flash news… 2 points here :

  • Shadow : a nice and not-that-hard escape room. I enjoyed it pretty well, the riddles are complex and still give you some challenge, without getting you stuck very hard either. It takes 1 or 2 hours to finish it.
  • Coma : a cute, dark and poetic flash game. The universe is so special… Trust me, you’ll quickly fall in this captivating story, with a wonderfully-rendered atmosphere by both amazing graphics and sounds.
Enjoy !