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⑨/⑨/11 : Happy Cirno day !

Hello dear friends,

As we’re on September 9th 2011, it’s time to celebrate the 3rd Cirno Day !

People who aren’t familiar with Touhou will probably wonder what this is… So let me explain.

Cirno is an ice fairy who first appeared in Touhou 6 : Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (I will probably make a post about Touhou one day, but not right now). She happened to simply attack the player without any reason as the latter was trying to solve another incident. Even though she is a pretty weak boss, she can still be considered as one of the strongest fairies in Gensokyo.

So far, nothing’s wrong. However, Cirno progressively became known in the Touhou community as a… simple-minded character. And then… ZUN (Touhou’s creator) decided to play his part, too. Here’s what you can see in the manual of Touhou 9 : Phantasmagoria of Flower View :

Yeah. It is written “Baka” in japanese, which can be translated into “idiot”. Since that day, Cirno became the embodiment of Gensokyo’s stupidity. And as a reference to this manual, she is often designated as “Baka” or by this symbol, . It even went as far as this video by IOSYS ! And even ZUN kept playing his part… In Touhou 12.8 : Great Fairy War, Cirno has this not-that-smart behaviour, randomly declaring a war against other fairies !

How silly.

Therefore, it simply became natural that Sept. 9th 2009 (09/09/09, or ⑨/⑨/⑨), which is also the 252th day of this year (and 2 + 5 + 2 = 9) became the very first Cirno Day, celebrated worldwide with a lot of fanwork specially dedicated to the poor fairy. And that’s how ⑨/⑨ became Cirno’s Day, still celebrated by Touhou fans all around the world.

A little example of dedicated fanwork.

As for myself… well, I took a screenshot of the very instant of this day :

I haven’t even cheated !

And as an additionnal gift for reading all this, here’s a nice Cirno comic 🙂