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Touhou Doujin Reader

Heya everyone !


For you all touhou fans, I designed a C# application to download and read conveniently english-translated doujins from It now has an offline mode, allowing you to browse your favourite Touhou mangas even when you’re not connected ! (of course, you have to have downloaded them once at least) Hope you’ll like it ! 😀

I would like to really thank for their wonderful work with these scans ! Also, I used the DotNetZip library in order to unzip packages, and this great image-viewing control from here. Thanks to all of them !

You can download my program here.

It’s under the General Public License, so you can have the source on sourceforge.

Still not convinced? Here are some screenshots :

Touhou Doujin Reader

Of course,it’s not perfect, but I’ll add more functionnalities later ! (and I’ll correct some bugs, too… I removed the most obvious ones, but some others are still annoying)

Please tell me if you have any problem/suggestion, and I’ll try to respond accordingly 🙂

I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I enjoyed coding it (well, I hope you’ll like it even better) !

2 responses

  1. nekotya

    hwaa NET. initializing error D: i really want rhis apps ;__;

    October 17, 2012 at 16:26

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