Fishing some new slices of life…

Internet treasures

This is my internet treasure section. Beware, I’m not finished with it yet! But you’ll see it growing bigger and bigger as time goes on.

Random videos


The beloved MHFU Intro video !

A video I like a lot : Kut ku pwned !

Endless loops

These who know me well will tell… I love these internet endless loops. You know, these musics that loop endlessly and entirely disable your brain ?

Here’s my little collection then…

  • Nyan Cat : my latest favourite. Lookit, the cute little cat playing that weird music ! And they implemented a great feature here : the chronometer that measures how long you’ve been listening for this music. Get ready for world records !
  • Squeak Squeak Squeak Nya : It’s the loop music that plays in MHFU when you try to download content from the internet. That little cat is so cute !
  • Bananaphone : A classic.
  • Cantata op. 147, Omodaka version : One of my favourites. It’s a remix of a Bach Cantata (some hardcore classical fans might not appreciate…). Don’t pay too much attention of the clip, it’s a bit wicked though… I’m planning to publish something about Omodaka, this group is really amazing.
  • Chocobo World (from the PC version) : Cute music for FF fans ! And there’s a little game with it. Perfect to get distracted while working !
  • Purupuru Pururin : from these who know, it’s straight from Welcome to the NHK (I’ll prolly write a post about it too). Now you too can be a real otaku !

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